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Borrowing Information

 Material Type    



 Adult, Teen and Children's Books  3 weeks no limits
 Adult Paperbacks 3 weeks no limits
 Pamphlet File Materials 3 weeks no limits
 New Adult Books 2 weeks no limits
 Audio Books, Cassettes & CDs  2 weeks no limits
 Video Tapes 1 week
no limits
 DVDs 1 week
limit 4

Renewal Policy
Most materials can be renewed once by calling the library or going on line at http://cityoflavista.org/librarycatalog.  No renewals for  items on reserve.
Overdue Fees
  • Books and periodicals:  $.05 cents per day
  • Audio Books and Cassettes:  $ .10 cents per day
  • CDs:  $1.00 per day
  • Video Tapes: $ .10 cents per day
  • DVDs:  $1.00 per day
Internet Policy
The La Vista Public Library does not monitor, and has no control over, information accessed through the Internet and cannot be responsible for its content.  As with all other library materials, children’s access to the Internet is the sole responsibility of the child’s parent or guardian.
Library Cards
  • It is necessary to have a valid library card in order to check out materials or to access electronic resources away from the library.
    • Residents of the City of La Vista are taxed for library services and receive a borrower’s card without an additional charge. La Vista Business owner's, Metropolitan Community College students, faculty and staff, and local teachers can also receive a membership at no additional cost.
  • People who live outside the city limits are not taxed for library services, but are welcome to join the library by paying a $60 family non-resident annual fee, $35.00 family non-resident fee for 6 months or $7.00 non-resident fee for 1 month. 
  • Lost library cards can be replaced for $3.00
    • Library cards will be issued to all adults 16 and older and minor children ages 5-15 with parental consent.