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Civic Park Master Plan

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1. How can I be notified of future meetings?

Community Development

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1. Do I need a permit for a garage sale sign and miscellaneous small signs?
2. I am digging for construction or gardening, who do I need to call?
3. Can I store a boat, trailer, or camper on my property?
4. Is an occupational license required to do business in La Vista?
5. Do I need an Inspection on my building permit?
6. Do I need a permit to put up a swimming/wading pool?
7. Do I need an approved set of plans on site for inspections?
8. What do I need to submit for a building permit?
9. I want to start up a home-based business, Does the City of La Vista require a license beyond that, which may or may not be required by the State of Nebraska?


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1. Where is City Hall Located?
2. What are City Hall hours?
3. Who are my elected officials?
4. How do I get information about recent meetings?
5. How do I obtain City Records?
6. What is the tax rate for the City of La Vista?
7. Who do I contact for animal concerns?
8. The street light in front of my house is out, who do I contact?

General Questions

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1. How do I contact La Vista City Hall?
2. What are La Vista City Hall's hours?
3. How do I find information about signs, permits, and other City requirements?
4. Where is the La Vista City Hall located?

Public Works

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1. The streetlight in front of my house is out. Who fixes it?
2. There is a pothole in front of my house. Who fixes it?
3. I will be moving to La Vista soon. Who provides the water, electricity, gas service, and garbage removal?
4. Who handles trash removal?
5. What are the local utility companies?

Snow Removal

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1. When do you issue a snow emergency?
2. Do you only plow streets or do you salt them, too?
3. How long does it take to clear all the streets?
4. When will my street be cleared?
5. When do you start plowing after a storm begins?
6. Do City workers work around the clock?
7. Why do the plows push a pile of snow onto my driveway?
8. How many snow removal vehicles does the city have on the streets during a storm?
9. Approximately how many miles of streets are plowed?
10. How do I report a missed street?
11. Why are there large piles of snow in my cul-de-sac?