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Aug 12

August 11, 2015 Update

Posted on August 12, 2015 at 10:24 AM by Mitch Beaumont

• Construction has continued to be slow since the last posting. There have been at least 42 days with rain since April 6. The relocation of a play structure from along Valley Road to a new location in Triangle Park which is just north of City Park and east of the intersection of 78th and Josephine should be complete this week. Seeding with a straw blanket around the play structure will be done soon.

• The Contractor is planning for storm sewer work to start the week of August 17. This will involve some closures or partial closures of Park View Blvd and 73rd Avenue at various times to allow the new storm sewer work to be done.

• The Thompson Creek Levee improvement project, being led by the Papio-Missouri River NRD, will receive excess soil from the Thompson Creek project in order save both the City and the NRD money by coordinating the projects. This creates some timing challenges but is important in reducing costs. The levee project has also been slowed by wet conditions. Hauling of soil started last Friday, August 7 and should continue into this week.

• The rough grading of the channel between 72nd Street and 73rd Avenue is substantially complete, but there is some grading to do at a proposed soil wall location near 73rd Avenue on the south side. Next steps in this section will include topsoil redistribution, finish grading, placement of stone armoring and grade control structures in the lower portions of the creek and seeding.

• Rough grading in the section west of 73rd Avenue is underway and is expected to be completed working from Edgewood Blvd towards the east. This section involves several locations of storm sewer work and a large amount of soil wall installation.

• The original completion date of September 1 will not be met and discussions about an appropriate extension based on weather delays are taking place.

• An Open House to review a planting plan for trees and shrubs along the reconstructed channel was held on July 16, 5:30-7 p.m. at La Vista City Hall. Seven property owners attended the meeting. The plan proposes a variety of trees and shrubs in both the public property and on the rear of abutting private lots. The plant selections are controlled to some extent by what can be planted under or near the power lines. Due to the limited response at the Open House and since plantings are proposed on private property, City staff is preparing a mailing of planting information to the property owners abutting the creek to gain input. In the meantime City staff is looking into sources of funding to be able to move forward with planting of trees and shrubs.

• The Rain Barrel program is being offered again in 2015. The program is intended for the Thompson Creek watershed due to grant requirements; however, a small fund is being set aside for rain barrels outside the Thompson Creek watershed in other parts of the City. Applications are encouraged and it has been a great year to collect rainwater.

• The 2015 La Vista Bio Blitz will be held again this year on October 3 at Central Park. We hope to be able to tour the completed channel rehabilitation project by that time. We may not be as far along as we had hoped with construction for this event, but we will have some locations on the project to visit.

• Here are some preconstruction photos:
Thompson Cr-August 10, 2015-Photo 1.jpg  Thompson Cr-August 10, 2015-Photo 2.jpg

Thompson Cr-August 10, 2015-Photo 6.jpg   Thompson Cr-August 10, 2015-Photo 7.jpg

• More information on the Thompson Creek Watershed Restoration project can be found at