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Nov 21

November 17, 2014 Update

Posted on November 21, 2014 at 10:09 AM by Mitch Beaumont

• Since the last posting much effort has been taking place to prepare to start construction activities. This has involved efforts to contact and coordinate with all property owners abutting Thompson Creek from 72nd to Edgewood Boulevard.

• Bids were taken on October 7 and a contract has been awarded to Anderson Excavating Company to perform the Site Clearing contract. This work will be primarily tree removal needed to create a path for OPPD to relocate power lines and for the channel regarding that will be performed next spring. The Site Clearing work is expected to start December 1 with OPPD beginning work shortly thereafter.

• A bio-retention basin project has started construction in the southwest corner of the City Hall parking lot. This project is intended to filter runoff from the City Hall roof and parking lot as well as reduce peak flows from storm events. It was hoped to finish this project by December 1 but the early winter weather will delay the completion.

• Grant reports to the NDEQ were completed and submitted as required. The City was unsuccessful in obtaining a grant for a second year of EPA Non-Point Source funding. However, the NDEQ encourage us to apply again next year. The Thompson Creek project will continue but some demonstration projects will be delayed.

• A no parking zone has been established in front of the street planter at the southwest corner of the 73rd Avenue and Park View Blvd intersection.

• The consultant team is planning to have final channel rehabilitation plans prepared for bidding in January 2015 and award of a contract in February 2015.

• A contractor has been hired to make repairs to the large culvert under 72nd Street. This was damaged by a large rain event in early September. Repairs should take place in the next several weeks.

• The 2015 La Vista Bio Blitz is tentatively scheduled for October 16 and 17, 2015. We hope to be able to tour the completed channel rehabilitation project by that time.

• More information on the Thompson Creek Watershed Restoration project can be found at