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Sep 24

September 22, 2014 Update

Posted on September 24, 2014 at 8:35 AM by Mitch Beaumont

• Numerous activities on the Thompson Creek project have happened in the last month. The first year of the Watershed Restoration project is nearly complete.

• Several storm water management projects were completed including rain gardens on the east side of the Recreation Center that were installed by Public Works personnel, the street planter at 73rd Ave. and Park View Blvd., and design of a Bio-Retention Basin in the City Hall Parking lot.

• The rain barrel program is complete for this year. Thirty rain barrels were installed for which rebates were issued. The downspout redirection program had limited success. The downspout redirection efforts will focus on multi-family, institutional, and commercial properties next year. The rain barrel program will be back next year also. However, both programs will be limited to the Thompson Creek Watershed.

• Grant reports to the NDEQ were completed and submitted as required. A grant application for a second year of EPA Non-Point Source funding was also submitted to the NDEQ.

• The Thompson Creek Watershed Management Plan was updated to meet EPA guidelines for a 9-Element Watershed Plan. This is currently under review by State and Federal agencies.

• Property owners along Valley Road from 72nd Street to 7406 Valley Road are being contacted by OPPD to acquire easements to relocate power lines. All property owners along Thompson Creek from 72nd Street to Edgewood Blvd. have been sent a letter from La Vista Public Works with a proposed Right-of-Entry agreement. These property owners are encouraged to contact Public Works to arrange a meeting to discuss the channel rehabilitation project.

• The City is currently seeking bids for Site Clearing along Thompson Creek from 72nd Street to Edgewood Boulevard. Bids will be opened October 7. If satisfactory bids are received, tree clearing work may start after November 1. Power line relocation may start after December 1.

• Recent heavy rains have damaged the large culvert under 72nd Street. Repairs will be made this fall.

• Planning for the 2015 La Vista Bio Blitz is beginning.

• More information on the Thompson Creek Watershed Restoration project can be found at