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Aug 22

August 18, 2014 Update

Posted on August 22, 2014 at 11:08 AM by Mitch Beaumont

• Activities on the Thompson Creek project in the last month have included efforts to start a downspout redirection program as part of the watershed management plan to reduce runoff and improve water quality. The preparation of another grant application to the NDEQ is underway and as part of that effort, the Thompson Creek Watershed Management Plan is being updated to be more compliant with EPA criteria for a 9-Element Watershed Plan. Communications have also continued with the Corps of Engineers for necessary permits.

• OPPD has recently started communications with property owners along Thompson Creek from 7202 Valley Road to 7406 Valley Road in regards to easements needed to relocate power lines for the channel grading. In the next month the City will be contacting property owners along Thompson Creek in the project area to obtain rights to perform grading.

• The channel rehabilitation work is expected to start with the tree clearing work in November 2014, followed by utility relocations over the winter and channel grading to start in March or April of 2015 lasting into the fall of 2015.

• The Rain Barrel Program is wrapping up for this year with a number of inspections of installed rain barrels in the last month. The rain barrel program will continue next year in the Thompson Creek watershed.

• City Public Works personnel are installing rain gardens on the east side of City Hall. Survey work has been done and design work has started by the consultant team for a bio-retention basin in the southwest corner of the City Hall parking lot. This will include connection of City Hall downspouts to divert the runoff for treatment and infiltration.

• A street planter was installed at 73rd Avenue and Park View Boulevard. The purpose of this device is to filter the first flush of street runoff. Plantings will be installed during September.

• Meetings with staff at UNO have taken place to start planning for next year’s Bio Blitz. More engagement with school classes will be a focus for the event.

• More information on the Thompson Creek Watershed Restoration project can be found at