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Sep 03

September 3, 2013 Update

Posted on September 3, 2013 at 5:31 PM by Mitch Beaumont

  • The consultant design team continues to work on the channel rehabilitation plans in preparation for presenting preliminary plans at an Open House scheduled for September 17 from 5 pm to 7 pm in the City Council Chambers.  Residents and owners of lots immediately adjacent to Thompson Creek where construction is proposed have been sent a letter inviting them to this Open House.  However, all residents in the Thompson Creek Watershed and the public in general are welcome to attend this Open House.  The plans to be presented are preliminary and comments received will be considered as plans are finalized in the next several months. 
  • In the last two weeks, the consultant team has also been working to assemble grant applications to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality for EPA Non-Point Source grant funds as well as to the Nebraska Environmental Trust for grant funds.  These applications are for the second year of the project and would provide the bulk of the channel rehabilitation work funding if approved.  Grant applications were due by September 3, 2013 and have been submitted. 
  • A survey form designed to assess the interests of residents in participating in storm water runoff programs for Thompson Creek can be found by clicking here.  This survey will be available to fill out until October 1, 2013.  The survey form will also be available to fill out at the September 17 Open House.    
  • In recent works portions of the consultant team have been meeting with City staff to begin to determine content and schedules for various public education and outreach publications and events.  These efforts will focus on providing information to citizens on how to help manage storm water runoff as well as provide opportunities to actively help manage runoff.  Watch for more information in the City quarterly newletters and on the City web  site.
  • The City is working with personnel from the USGS and the University of Nebraska Omaha to obtain assistance in monitoring the environmental conditions as well as water quality and quantity measurements in Thompson Creek.  Monitoring of conditions will be performed before and after construction in an effort to document progress in management of storm water in the Thompson Creek Watershed.  These partnerships with other public agencies will allow for the services to be obtained in the most economical manner.