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Jul 22

July 19, 2013 Update

Posted on July 22, 2013 at 8:44 AM by Mitch Beaumont

  • The consultant design team has been busy since completion of the field survey work. They have been performing hydraulic computations and beginning to design proposed grades for a new channel configuration that provides more space for water to spread out and slow down. The preliminary design also considers a meandering channel alignment, which results in a longer channel and a flatter channel slope to also help slow down the water. Slow water results in less erosion potential and greater opportunity for filtration or cleaning of the runoff.
  • The design team presented a draft of their design work to City staff on July 15. The design team asked questions and received guidance from City staff on various items.  More design work is needed to have a plan with enough details to present to the public and abutting property owners. 
  • Along with designing the details it is equally important to assess the cost of the project.  This is also being done by the consultants at this time.  The design must be one that can be afforded and likely to receive sufficient grant funding.
  • At the National Night Out event on August 6 in Central Park there will be an information booth to provide an overview of the Thompson Creek Watershed Restoration project and some general information on the channel stabilization plans.  During September an Open House is anticipated that will present more specifics on the channel plans and allow for public comment and particularly for residents abutting the creek.  More information on time and place of the Open House will be forthcoming
  • City staff and the consultant design team have scheduled a meeting with personnel from the USGS and the University of Nebraska at Omaha to discuss monitoring the environmental conditions as well as water quality and quantity measurements in Thompson Creek in the most economical manner. This monitoring is required as part of the conditions of the grant money.