Thompson Creek Update

  • A study was completed in early 2007 outlining various options for improvements to Thompson Creek in the area between the La Vista Falls Golf Course and 72nd Street. There have been serious erosion problems along this stretch of the creek.
  • The study identified four options as potential long term solutions to the on-going erosion problems.
  • Property owners in the Thompson Creek area were given an opportunity for input on the options via a citizen survey.
  • On March 18, 2008 the La Vista City Council identified Option 3 as the preferred solution and directed staff to pursue funding. ( The option selected includes the acquisition of 22 homes located primarily on the south side of Park View Boulevard from 72nd Street to 75th Street; and four homes on the north side of Valley road at approximately Braun Avenue).
  • No project approvals have been given at this time and the process of trying to acquire funding continues.
  • Once project funding is established, project timelines and other details will follow.
  • Affected property owners will be kept informed directly.
  • Other interested residents can stay updated through the City’s website or by contacting City Hall.