Swimming Pool Permit

In-ground Swimming Pool Permit

A residential building permit application (PDF) is required for review of an in-ground swimming pool. La Vista follows the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (2018). The fee is based on the Building Permit Fee Schedule (PDF). Please reference this informational handout for Building Permit Information regarding Swimming Pools (PDF).

Above Ground Swimming Pool Permit

A light remodeling and accessory permit application (PDF) is required for review of an above ground swimming pool. La Vista follows the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (2018) The above ground swimming pool permit is $30.00.


A swimming pool permit is required for all pool with sides that ’stand’ 2 feet high or more. Inflatable or water depth is not the determining factor.The side height of the pool determines the necessity of a permit, not the amount of water in the pool.

Pools must be located at least 5 (five) feet from the property line and 6(six) feet from any other structure (garage, shed, etc.).

Filtration Pumps

Pools with filtration pumps require a GFI dedicated circuit within 3 (three) feet of the pump, and an electrical permit (PDF) is required for installation.The cord on the pump (filter) must be no longer than 3 feet. The GFI (dedicated circuit) must be greater than 5 feet from the water, but less than 10 feet from the pools edge (based on Nebraska State Electrical Codes).

The dedicated circuit is required for any pool with a filter, even if the homeowner does not plan to use it. An existing circuit can be changed to a dedicated circuit, but an electrical permit is still required. The electrical permit fee is $30.00.

Pool Fencing

A 6 (six) foot fence is required to surround the pool itself, or the yard. A fence permit is required. It is suggested that a lock is situated at the 6 (six) foot height if there is a gate. The fence permit fee is $30.00.

A drawing of the work to be completed for the installation of a swimming pool and fence is required with the permit application. The drawing must show the location of the pool in relation to other structures on the property. The drawing of the fence must show the distance from the lot line.

Additional Information

A permit application needs to be signed by the property owner or the contractor.

Please note:

Any contractor on a job site within the La Vista city limits is required to be licensed prior to release of a permit.

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at 402-593-6400.