Block Parties

Block parties encourage connections between neighbors and help open the lines of communication, which can help in times of emergencies. La Vista residents are encouraged to host block parties throughout the year.


Here are the requirements:

  • You need to complete a Neighborhood Block Party application (PDF).
  • Submit your application and fees to City Hall.
  • Block parties should be held between the hours of 10 a.m. and midnight.
  • Every resident affected by the closed area must sign the signature form, which is attached to the application.
  • Fees:
    • Two separate checks:
    • $5 per traffic barricade administrative fee.
    • $60 per barricade security deposit. (Refundable upon return to Public Works, undamaged.)
    • Make checks payable to: City of La Vista
  • Once processed, you will be contacted by the Police Department regarding the approval or disapproval of your permit.
  • Barricades will be dropped the day prior to and picked up the day after the scheduled event by the Public Works Department. A minimum of four traffic barricades are required for each event. Vehicles, sawhorses, barrels and other items are not allowed to be used to block off a street.
  • The applicant is responsible for:
    • Clearing the street of all debris after the party.
    • Complying with City ordinances and State statutes regarding noise, liquor and fireworks.
    • Keeping the gathering under control. If, at any time, the party becomes disruptive, your permit will be revoked and future requests will be denied.