Worship Watch

Worship Watch creates a partnership between local houses of worship (HOW), their congregation and the La Vista Police Department. The goal of Worship Watch is to increase public safety and awareness of crimes involving mass violence.

Faith-based organizations are encouraged to join this program to receive information regarding crime prevention strategies for places of worship. Training is available for staff, volunteers, and members. Worship Watch participants are reminded they do not need to participate in all phases of the Worship Watch Program.

Three Phases of Worship Watch


The first phase of La Vista’s Worship Watch program introduces the program, establishes relationships within the faith-based organization. An initial property survey and training will be conducted. *Initial Training will likely be held in September/October timeframe annually*


During the second phase, members of the City of La Vista Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Team will conduct an on-sight assessment of your House of Worship, providing detailed report including recommendations for safety increases.


The third phase of this program includes an annual training. Held in November, all Worship Watch participants will receive training from the La Vista Police Department Worship Watch Coordinator. This will coincide with the annual Worship Watch newsletter.

For more information and to request an application, contact Officer Karl Meister at 402.331.1582 or via e-mail at KMeister@CityofLaVista.org