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  5. Other Policies
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Borrowing Information

Material TypeCheckoutlimits
Adult, Teen, & Children’s Books3 weeksno limits
Playaway Devices3 weekslimit 2
Teen Graphic Novels3 weekslimit 5
NEW Adult Books2 weeksno limits
Adult Paperbacks3 weeksno limits
Pamphlet File Materials3 weeksno limits
Board Games3 weeksno limits
Audio Books & CDs2 weeksno limits
Telescope Kit2 weeksno limits
Other Adult & Children Kits3 weeksno limits
Cake Pans2 weeksno limits
DVDs1 weeklimit 6

Renewal Policy

Most materials can be renewed once by calling the library or going online. No renewals for items on reserve. If you have outstanding fees or an expired library card, you may be unable to renew online.

Overdue Fees

  • Books and periodicals: $.05 cents per day
  • Audio Books: $ .10 cents per day
  • CDs: $.10 per day
  • DVDs: $1.00 per day
  • Board Games/Cake Pans/Telescope: $0.10 per day -- Also a $5.00 charge if not returned inside at the desk. (Do not leave these items outside or try to put them through the book drop. They do not fit).

The full Library Circulation Policy detailing information on user privileges (library card eligibility), checkout limits, and overdue fees may be read here: Library Circulation Policy (Reviewed March 2023). 

Library Cards

  • It is necessary to have a valid library card in order to check out materials or to access electronic resources away from the library.
    • Residents of the City of La Vista are taxed for library services and receive a borrower’s card without an additional charge. 
    • La Vista Business owner’s, Metropolitan Community College students, faculty and staff, active duty military living in Sarpy County, City of La Vista employees, and Papillion La Vista School District teachers can also receive a membership at no additional cost.
  • People who live outside the city limits are not taxed for library services, but are welcome to join the library by paying a non-resident fee. Library cards are $60 annually, $35.00 for 6 months, or $7.00 for 1 month. Purchasing a Non-resident library card will give access for the entire family household.
  • As of December 26, 2023 residents that live in the Cimarron Woods subdivision are also eligible for a free library card as their HOA will be covering the fees for them. This does not apply to residents living in Cimarron Terrace apartments who are not members of the HOA. 
  • Lost library cards can be replaced for $3.00
    • Library cards will be issued to all adults 16 and older and minor children ages 5-15 with parental consent.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The La Vista Public Library participates in resource sharing through Interlibrary Loan. This service provides access to materials in libraries throughout the United States. Patron’s account must be in good standing prior to placing an interlibrary loan request and prior to receiving the materials. The Library will borrow from other libraries as well as lend materials through this service.

A processing fee will be charged for each interlibrary request. Currently those who request this service must pay an upfront of $3. If the library is unable to find another party willing to lend us the requested item the $3 will be returned.

You may read the library's full ILL Policy here: Interlibrary Loan Policy (Reviewed September 2023)

Borrowing the Telescope

The La Vista Public Library has a beginner telescope kit for use for library card holders. The full policy on this equipment can be read here: Library Telescope Policy (Reviewed March 2023)

To borrow the Telescope customers must...

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a library card for at least 3 months.
  • Have a card in good standing (no outstanding fees).
  • Return the telescope kit inside at the front desk.

Borrowing Cake Pans

The library's cake pan collection was started by local girl scout Millie Belik as part of her Gold Award. Here are some reminders about borrowing the cake pans.

  • Cake pans need to be returned inside. Do not jam them through the book drop. 
  • Wash the cake pans before returning them.
  • A $5 fee may be charged if the above rules are not followed when the cake pans are returned.