60th Anniversary

The City of La Vista is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year... and so far the celebration isn’t going like we’d planned. The COVID-19 situation, like everyone else, has forced us to delay the beginning of our celebration. We are still hopeful that we will be able to gather as a community later in the year to celebrate, but nothing is certain and we will wait to make plans until conditions improve and restrictions are lifted.

Our hope and intention is to launch the passport program when businesses are open again, so be on the lookout for that information in the future.

In the meantime, we’ll be offering all kinds of fun programming and content, such as the #LoveLaVista Hashtag Challenge, and we hope you enjoy it! 

60 La Vista, Love La Vista

February 23 marks La Vista’s 60th birthday. We’re finding lots of ways to celebrate throughout the year and we invite you to join too!

The first residents of La Vista were modern pioneers of sorts. They saw the potential to create a community that would soon welcome families to their first homes.

That was 60 years ago, and this month the City will kick off a celebration of those families who founded this community in February 1960.

La Vista’s first builder designed simple, affordable homes giving many average working families the opportunity to experience homeownership for the first time. Homes sold for $9,999 with a $99 down payment and $99 monthly payment, hence the name the House of Nines. Homeowners could forgo their down payment if they painted the interior of the home.

Early La Vista families were both neighbors and friends. They enjoyed the small luxuries in life together, shared visits across backyard fences, softball games and watching out for each other.

"The people who were able to buy a ’House of Nines’, start raising their families and then form a city 60 years ago were the authors of our story," said Mayor Doug Kindig. "There wasn’t a city hall, or money, but their fortitude was amazing."

And now 60 years later, La Vista is a growing, thriving community in the middle of it all.

To celebrate this milestone, the City is kicking off a citywide challenge called La Vista X (by) 60.  

The goal is for individuals or families to engage with the City 60 times throughout the celebration.

See more information about the La Vista X 60 Challenge!