Planning Activities

Planning activities of the division include the administration, maintenance and amendment process to the city’s Comprehensive Plan, preparation of various planning reports and studies and project management of planning related consulting projects.

Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan, or comprehensive development plan as it is referred to by Nebraska law, is the “heart” of a local government’s planning and implementation program that guides physical growth and development in Nebraska villages, cities, or counties. The comprehensive plan serves as a guide, a road map, for the preservation of valued existing conditions and development of desired future changes.

The comprehensive plan provides goals, policies, and action strategies in the areas of land use, public facilities and utilities, transportation, housing, as well as recommendations for plan implementation and plan maintenance. The planning process results in the creation of general, as well as specific and practical, directions and guidelines for both community and economic development. 

In 2019 City Council adopted Look Out La Vista, the latest full update to the comprehensive plan. Staff regularly reviews the comprehensive plan with the Planning Commission and recommends updates as necessary.

Annexation Plan

The annexation plan is included within Chapter 3 (PDF) of the Comprehensive Plan and provides a plan for the future growth of the city. The annexation plan is reviewed regularly to consider the orderly growth of the community.

Vision 84 Plan 

Approved in 2010, the Vision 84 Plan (PDF) is base document used for the planned redevelopment of the 84th Street Corridor.

84th Street Streetscape

In 2019 City Council approved the 84th Street Streetscape Schematic Plan (PDF). Staff is currently working on final design work and Phase 1 construction documents. For more on the planning process for the Schematic Plan, check out the Corridor 84 website.