Restoration Goals

The Thompson Creek Watershed Restoration has the following goals:

  • Improve water quality in Thompson Creek and downstream receiving waters by: 
    • Improving stormwater management throughout the watershed.
    • Reducing erosion of the creek channel.
  • Improve in-stream and riparian habitat by: 
    • Improving water quality.
    • Re-meandering the channel.
    • Stabilizing stream banks.
    • Constructing pools and riffles.
    • Reconstructing a floodplain bench.
  • Reduce flooding and damage to infrastructure and public and private property by: 
    • Improving stormwater management throughout the watershed.
    • Reconstructing the creek and floodplain.
  • Create public support for the project and its goals by: 
    • Increasing awareness of individual property contributions to non-point source pollution
    • Increasing understanding of linkages between non-point source pollution, water quality, and stream health.
    • Implementing cooperative projects to demonstrate cost-effective means of improving stream health.
  • Implementation of this stream restoration project will create a highly-visible community asset that will improve quality of life for La Vista residents and serve as a replicable model for other urban streams in the region.